TASKalfa 1800

TASKalfa 1800
TASKalfa 1800

ч/б) 18 стр/мин Интерфейс подключения..,.Принтер да Сканер да Копир да Факс нет Тип печати монохромная лазерная Формат A3 Двусторонняя печать опционально Автоподатчик опционально Емкость лотка подачи бумаги 400 листов Скорость печати (А4

цена 22578.00

Тонер-картридж Kyocera TK-4105 (1T02NG0NL0). Take up the DP feed roller from the Bushing paper feed assembly. Defective connector Reinsert the connector. Remove three screws and grounding terminal. Select the motor to be operated. Display Description Fuser unit count value Clear A value is cleared. Pull out the top PF paper feed assembly forward from the main unit. the right hinge are improper, perform adjustment. Purpose To adjust the sensitiveness of the sensor and size judgement time if the original size sensor mal- functions frequently due to incident light or the like. Purpose To check the operation of the DP motors or clutches. Performs the test copy at the four scanning positions after adjusting. Squeeze the ends of the bottom of the paper length guide and move the guide to fit the length of the paper. Used as one of the correction measures for transmission errors and other problems. Main motor Screw Drive unit Screws. Check or replace the high voltage PWB Connector Hook and refit all the removed parts. Unhook two hooks A using a flat screw- Right upper cover driver. Imbalanced fuser unit pressures. Display Description Line Type. Remove the connectors from PF main PF main PWB connectors PWB. Bend the whole set of sheets to swell them in the middle. Extract the main firmware to download from the file. Pull out the lower PF paper feed assembly forward from the main unit. In that case, retry upgrading after recovering the software by following the procedure below. Пятибук. DRINK L TTE&WRITE YOUR LI E STORY(мешковина). When the difference between the number of copies of the maintenance cycle and that of the main- tenance count reaches the set value, the message is displayed. Failure of the rotation of the developing roller. DP scanning section: Original size magnification, leading edge timing, center line. The ROM version are displayed. Also to clear the counts after replacing transfer roller.

KYOCERA TASKalfa 1800 и 2200: обзор МФУ с российской [.]

. Remove three screws and the main motor from the rear frame. Remove the retard holder and the Retard roller Fulcrum section retard roller by bending to inside the ful- crum part of the retard holder. Conveying roller Check whether the conveying If the conveying roller is dirty, clean. Table scanning Defective part Check description Corrective Action Original document Check whether the original If the original document is dirty, replace. Remove the protection paper. • Do not pull on the AC power cord or connector wires on high-voltage components when removing them; always hold the plug itself.•. Completion Press the stop key. Release the projection by sliding the Screw middle rear cover backward. Select the item to be set. Purpose To adjust the speed of the respective motors when the magnification is not correct. Purpose To check the Toner Motor Operation. Also check for continuity within the The size of paper cable or poor con- connector cable. Table scanning Defective part Check description Corrective Action Original document Check if the original document is If the original document is not placed askew on fed askew. No electricity at the Measure the input voltage. Wait for ready of print-process Process package won’t become ready. Purpose To check the time to replace consumable parts. Unhook two hooks and then remove the eject fan motor. Table scanning Defective part Check description Corrective Action Settings of print Confirm whether the moire Switch print quality mode if the moire varies quality mode varies depending on print quality depending on print quality mode. Purpose Make the adjustment if the magnification in the main scanning direction is incorrect. Connect the other end of the cable to the PC. Or, in interoffice subaddress-based bulletin board reception, operation was interrupted due to a mismatch in permit ID or telephone num- ber. Purpose To clear data as required at times such as during maintenance service. Defective part Check description Corrective Action Regist roller. Purpose To check the count after replacement of the transfer roller. TASKalfa 1800. image is spo- sistently mis- radically mis- aligned with the aligned with original.

Check the conveying rollers Clean the conveying rollers or the pollyes. Problem Causes/check procedures Corrective measures Check if the surfaces of the following roll- Clean with isopropyl alcohol. Check or replace the power sorce PWB and refit all the removed parts.

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. Remove the primary paper feed unit from main unit by pulling forward. Controls printer hardware such as high voltage/bias output con- trol, paper conveying system control, and fuser temperature con- trol, etc. However, the mode is changed when outputting a manuscript with an always low printing rate in large quantities. Remove the cable tie from the hole dur- ing pinching both-side of it. When a problem is detected, the machine stops print- ing and display an error message on the operation panel. Adjustment of Check the scanner unit is quite If the scanner unit is not quite level, perform. Remove the registration roller forward Stop ring after sliding it backward. Purpose Use this if the user wishes to adjust the number of rings that occur before the unit switches into fax receiving mode when fax/telephone auto-select is enabled. Картридж Xerox 006R90302. Remove upward the separation needle holder and separation needle by releas- Hook ing three hooks of rear side of the sepa- ration needle holder. Make the adjustment if there is a regular error between the center lines of the copy image and original. Since the communication performance is largely affected, normally this setting need not be changed. Unhook two hooks of the fan assembly. FFC cable CIS Reinsert the connector if it its connection is Check the FFC cable between loose. Check or replace the PF main PWB and refit all the removed parts. remove foreign objects on the front and back optical rails. Troubleshooting to each failure must be in the order of the numbered symptoms. Purpose To check or set the machine number. Berlingo Ножницы Mega Soft 23 см. Purpose Make the adjustment if the magnification is incorrect in the auxiliary scanning direction when the DP is used. Foreign objects inside the developer unit. A paper feed location specified for printer output cannot be used for copy output. TASKalfa 1800. Fax transmission may fail due to incorrect busy tone detection. Remove the operation panel assembly assembly upward. Change the value using change keys * or numeric keys. Reverse the top paper feed assembly. Remove all connectors from the power Power source PWB source PWB. Set the output the original for adjustment and press the start key. A document processor is attached to a main unit. Rotate the fan assembly forward at the care of the back. the contact glass, place it correctly. The hinges of a platen cover are inserted in the attachment hole of a Platen cover main unit. No or defective developing bias output. Purpose To check the use of DP. the conveying guide, the developer unit and the cooling ducts. Defective part Check description Corrective Action Developer unit The device is installed in an If the device is installed in an altitude greater. Remove all connectors from the main/ Main/engine PWB connectors engine PWB. Purpose To check the operation of each solenoid. Print example Defective part Check description Corrective Action Paper setting Check if paper is set correctly. Release four hooks and then remove the connector from the operation panel Screw PWB. Print example Defective part Check description Corrective Action Conveying guide Check if the conveying guide is If the conveying guide is dirty with toner, clean dirty with toner. Hook B Hook A Screw Flat screwdriver Hook A detail Hook B detail. Remove the spring using the longnose in PF paper feed holder pliers from the attachment hole in PF paper feed holder and the top PF paper feed assembly. Purpose To run this maintenance item if a key counter is installed. Pull out the cassette forward. Pull the cassette forward. Deactivate EcoPrint if it is activated. approaching paper clips, etc., do not exist guide, feed- in the paper conveying paths. Display Description Duplex Unit A connection setup of a duplex unit


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