SP 4510DN

SP 4510DN
SP 4510DN

ч/б) 40 стр/мин,Артикул производителя 407313 Тип принтера светодиодный Технология печати Светодиодная Цветность печати черно-белая Максимальный формат А4 Плотность бумаги (макс) 162 г/м2 Двусторонняя печать есть Скорость печати (А4

цена 31733.00

List of Operating Privileges under [User Tools] Key Settings User Mach N/W File Unset Print Volum. Click [User Authentication Management] under "Device Settings". When the device type selection appears, select "RICOH Network Printer C model". Fonts PSM font is the same width as the W in every other PSM font. InfoPrint Manager for Windows. Configuring Administrator Authentication Select the number of the administrator whose user name and password you want to change. XOA Request Resource List.XOH. Installing the Printer Driver Under Mac OS X This chapter explains how to install and configure the printer drivers for Mac OS X operating systems. Bar Code Area Position.Load Code Page.Bar Code Commands. Getting Started • If user authentication has already been specified, a screen for authentication appears. ® is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. Checking Operation Privileges Host Interface When administrator authentication is set, the restrictions to user operations differ depending on the "Menu Protect" setting. Specifications of Envelopes •. Communications may or may not work. Protecting the Communication Path via a Device Certificate Program the device certificate. It also explains how to configure the printer’s option settings manually. Restricting Printer Usage. Configuring User Authentication Basic Authentication Specify this authentication method when using the printer's Address Book to authenticate each user. Troubleshooting Hold the print cartridge's front handle to lift and pull it out. Струйный картридж Cactus CS-EPT0925 цветной для Epson Stylus C91/CX4300/T26 4шт.. Enhanced Network Security Enabling and Disabling Protocols Using the Control Panel Press the [Menu] key, and then select setting items using the [ ] or [ ] key. When a level is changed, the selection status of log details changes according to the level.

Монохромный принтер Ricoh LE SP 4510DN - низкая цена.

. Select [Role-based or feature-based installation], and then click [Next>]. Handling Network Problems Resolving Hardware Problems To determine whether a problem is a hardware problem or not, check the following: • Verify that power is going to the printer by checking the printer's control panel. Configuration Procedure Configuring PSF to print IPDS files includes the following steps: Define the z/OS communications control unit to z/OS. This value is used only for SNMP printers. On the printer driver's [Paper] tab, select [Print On] box, and then select the desired size. • This site has a security problem. When Messages Are Displayed Message Cause Solution "Cannot connect with the • The wireless LAN interface • Turn off the main power wireless card. When moving the machine, use the inset grips on both sides, and lift slowly in pairs. With this setting, you can restrict storing scanned files on a removable memory device, and also restrict printing of files stored on a removable memory device. of Machine Print Settings When administrator authentication is set, the restrictions to user operations differ depending on the "Menu Protect". Since printers are capable of supporting multiple installed input bins, multiple configuration combinations are possible. • Make sure that connection to the authentication server is possible. WoW 7.8/100 Tsheet A4 XL (Термотрансферная бумага для черного и темного текстиля). SP 4510DN. Managing the Printer Managing Device Information • Keep SD cards or USB flash memory devices out of reach of children. The cause is displayed on the Check the error message or screen of the control panel. Using Web Image Monitor to Manage Log Files Add/Update/Delete Firmware Indicates the method used to add, update, or delete the printer's firmware. When Messages Are Displayed If printing does not start, contact your service representative. IPDS Overview IPDS Operating States If the host sends a command inappropriate for the printer state, the printer returns an error code identifying the error and follows Exception Handling Control processing. Basically, the printer prints one job at a time, and chooses the next job from the highest priority port. The current value of an attribute is taken into account when the drawing order is received. An IPDS-driven printer offers flexibility. Please close the A cover of the printer is open. Printer Job Authentication Levels The security level for "Entire". Check the printer's display panel to see if an error has occurred. Getting Started This chapter describes the precautions you need to take when using the printer's security features and how to configure the administrator settings. For details about installing the board, see "Installing the Interface Units", Operating Instructions. [System Settings] [Administrator Tools] [Delete All Data in Address Book] [Yes] [Exit] Log out. See Intelligent Printer Data Stream Reference for details on Sense byte information and error processing. If you want a high level of security, make the following setting before using the printer. Log in as the network administrator from the printer's control panel. IM Image Command Set Write Image The data is a binary representation of the raster image. Data Storage You can check the following items under [Data Storage]: •. List of Operating Privileges Using Web Image Monitor Settings User Mach N/W File SMTP Auth. List of Operating Privileges under [User Tools] Key Edit Home When administrator authentication is set, the restrictions to user operations differ depending on the configurations of the available settings in [Administrator Authentication Management]. printer tried to order the supplies. By default, all functions are available to "*Default Group" members. Preventing Leakage of Information from Printer This chapter explains how to protect information if it is stored in the printer's memory or on the hard disk. Start printing from the application's [Print] dialog box. Specify the user code, default printer, and shared printer as necessary. This command can only be issued in Home State and causes a transition to Font State. Checking Operation Privileges Maintenance: Image When administrator authentication is set, the restrictions to user operations differ depending on the configurations of the available settings in [Administrator Authentication Management]. For details about the messages that appear on the screen when consumables need to be replaced, see "Replenishing and Replacing Consumables", Operating Instructions. Packet encryption helps Encryption prevent eavesdropping attacks. The following types of problems are described here: • Hardware • Connectivity • Formatting • Printing Network Setup Before doing anything else to try to resolve problems, you should verify that you have entered the correct configuration data. Administrators are handled differently from the users registered in the Address Book. auto job cancel function due to a command error. You can make network security level settings on the control panel, as well as Web Image Monitor. The desired fidelity for each supported presentation function can be specified with a triplet on the PFC command. Specify the functions available to registered users.

The "Paper size" column shows the names of paper sizes and their dimensions in millimeters and inches. Troubleshooting If USB Connection Fails Problem Causes Solutions The printer is not The USB cable is not Disconnect the USB cable, turn off the automatically recognized. • If you log in using administrator privilege, the name of the administrator logging in appears. [System Settings] [Administrator Tools] [Display/Clear/Print Counter per User] [Printer Counter] A list of users' print volume use counters is displayed. "If logs are downloaded during overwriting" below indicates that part of the access log is overwritten. Troubleshooting • In the Properties window for "Network Connections", open TCP/IP properties. The following types of device certificate can be used: •. With the InfoPrint Server for System i, PostScript, PDF, and PCL data streams can be transformed to AFP and printed to the printer as IPDS. • Spool printing jobs Data Not overwritten by Auto Erase Memory Setting •. Using the printer's control panel, set up the printer for IPDS by setting the parameters and values shown in the following table. Getting Started Using Web Image Monitor Using Web Image Monitor, you can check the printer status and change settings. Select "Allow unsecured communication if a secure connection connect be established.", and then [Next]. • DISCINTV Specifies the disconnect interval in seconds. Administrator Login Method Administrator Login Method If administrator authentication has been specified, log in using an administrator's user name and password. When the number of installed input bins changes, the printer is POR'd and initial machine settings are established. If you use the encryption key auto exchange method, the encryption algorithm and encryption key are specified automatically. When Messages Are Displayed Message Cause Solution "Command Error." An RPCS command error Check that the communication occurred. Managing the Printer This is a hexadecimal ID that identifies the log. IM Image Command Set Write Image Control The Write Image Control command is the first command in the sequence to send raster image data to the printer. For details, see: • "General Settings", Operating Instructions. [User Authentication Management] [Authentication Info] next to [LDAP Authentication] Select the LDAP server to be used for LDAP authentication. Enable DDNS setting on the printer, and then connect using the printer's host name. Installing the Printer Driver for a Network Connection Click [Open]. "n ppr siz msmtch Select new The size of the paper in the tray Select a tray containing paper tray or use ppr size below.". If you instruct the printer not to record a given class of exception, the printer still records such exceptions if the printer was told not to take the AEA. Select the algorithm that suits your environment. After reading the agreement, click [I accept the agreement.], and then click [Next]. SP 4510DN. Enter the device certificate contents issued by the certificate authority. To maintain output consistency across different printer families, process colors to be simulated are converted to grayscale intensities based on color "luminance". Log in as the machine administrator from the printer's control panel. Блокнот Санкт-Петербург (32 листа, А5, нелинованный). If global groups are specified, users not registered to global groups can use the available functions specified in "*Default Group". Configuring User Authentication Specify the level for printer job authentication.

Reinigung LED-Leiste RICOH SP 4510

. Other Printing Problems Problem Cause Solution Misfeeds occur frequently. When Messages Are Displayed Message Cause Solution "Problem:Wireless card Please call The printer cannot detect a Check that the wireless LAN service." wireless LAN interface interface board installed board. Select [Network Printer], and then click [Next]. Press the [User Tools] key to close the User Tools menu. Use both tables to specify the correct paper type for the paper you are using. The printer's control panel will present menu choices for selecting the various parts of the font. Character IDs and Code Points In IBM font structure, a code page maps each character of text to the characters in a character set. Preventing the Leaking of Documents This chapter explains how to protect document data stored in the printer or printed using the printer. Calligrata Маркер перманентный 1104 цвет черный. Pull out the paper tray carefully. Restricting Printer Usage Log out. The realm must be registered using capital letters. Object Container Command Set. Encrypting Transmitted Passwords Encrypting Transmitted Passwords Configuring the driver encryption key and password encryption for IPP authentication enables communication with encrypted passwords as well as increasing the security against password cracking. Specifying Custom Size Paper Press the [Menu] key, and then select the setting items using the [ ] or [ ] key. To use these protocols, it is necessary to create and install a device certificate for the printer in advance. When queried for a list of font character sets, the resident character sets will be reported with a font width of zero. You can select four types of EAP authentication method: EAP-TLS, LEAP, EAP-TTLS and PEAP. Plug in the power cord, and then turn on the machine. This is a hexadecimal ID that indicates the time at which the communication started. Preventing Leakage of Information from Printer Do not switch the main power off during encryption, as doing so may corrupt the data. Usable characters for user names and passwords The following characters can be used for login user names and passwords. Write down the NIC MAC address. Loading Paper into Paper Trays Squeeze the end guide and slide it inward to match the standard size. This setting also allows the file administrator to change the access privileges of the owner and other users. The printer configured as IPDS will print only IPDS files.


. Other Printing Problems Problem Cause Solution Printed images contain blots or The paper is creased, curled, or Smooth out the wrinkles or are patchy. Settings User Mach File.


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