Perfection V370 Photo

Perfection V370 Photo
Perfection V370 Photo

/мин.Артикул B11B207313 Тип планшетный Максимальный формат бумаги А4 Разрешение 4800 x 9600 точек/дюйм Скорость сканирования (ч/б, А4) до 16 стр

цена 10344.00

Same for slides, black-and-white negatives and even color negatives: it automatically flips the colors and corrects for the brownish tint of color negatives. Эврика Ручка шариковая Авто №9 цвет корпуса красный. However, after searching for a bit, I found software on the Epson website and that installed without a hitch. From the way it looks you'd think it has no business running on a current Mac, but it runs without trouble. It doesn't impact image sharpness in general. The lid hinges in the back. Turns out that some flatbed scanners have a transparency attachment so you can scan negatives and slides. The past years, I've been looking for a way to digitize all of these. Depending on the selected resolution, this can take a few minutes.

The quality of the scans is more than good enough for casual use, but certainly not perfect. I had a single roll of film put on PhotoCD. As I mentioned, my Canon scanner produces muddy scans that require manually adjusting the brightness, contrast and color to get scans that look like the original.

Epson Perfection V330 Scanning Negative Film Strips (How to)

. After selecting the appropriate options, you tell the software to generate a preview. Графика. Розы (витраж) (А5, 100л. тиснение). The photos are automatically detected and then you have the opportunity to do some pre-scan cropping and rotating and then you hit "scan". The scanner has an attachment that holds a single strip of up to six negatives or slide film, or four framed slides. I still have a bunch of black-and-white negatives that I developed myself, but never got them printed. You also have to wait for the lamp to warm up before scanning can happen. You then have to remove the white surface from the inside of the lid, exposing the light that illuminates negatives and slides. In addition to that, I have color photos with their negatives and slides. But it does what it does very well.

Epson Perfection V370 | Perfection Series | Scanners.

. That one gets the job done, but using the MacOS Image Capture tool I got rather muddy scans out of it. When you're done scanning your photos, slides and negatives, you still have good flatbed scanner. Selbst kleinste Details lassen sich scharf und klar erfassen. Using the word "perfection" in the product name sets a high bar, and although it's not perfect, it's pretty good. There are also attachments so you can use your camera to duplicate negatives and slides, but then you have to manage the exposure and color adjustments yourself and I'm pretty sure using a camera is even slower than this scanner. This is the result for a photo I shot a few weeks ago. Negativ aufgefallen ist den Käufern, dass die beigelegte Negativ- oder Dia-Schiene nur Platz für einen einzigen Filmstreifen bietet. However, the software is rather clunky, with settings hidden away in strange places and options are forgotten and remembered in ways that don't make sense. First, let me talk about scanning regular documents. Conclusion The price is right and the results are pretty good. Perfection V370 Photo.

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. You can easily do it while writing or watching TV. Обложки для переплета Гелеос 100шт Кожа White CCA4W. On the plus side, it's compact and runs on USB bus power, so no power brick. Neben dem Flachbett-Scanner befinden sich ebenfalls ein Netzkabel, eine Setup-CD, ein USB-Kabel, ein Handbuch, eine Bedienungsanleitung und ein Garantiedokument im Lieferumfang


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