e-STUDIO383P (DP-3830PMJD)

e-STUDIO383P (DP-3830PMJD)
e-STUDIO383P (DP-3830PMJD)

Тип принтера лазерный Цветность печати черно-белая Максимальный формат А4 Двусторонняя печать есть Плотность бумаги (макс) 163 г/м2 Скорость печати (А4, ч/б) 38 стр/мин Технология печати Лазерная

цена 33868.00

Specifies that the spooler should not delete documents after they are completed. When done, click OK to close the printing preferences window. This allows documents to be re submitted to the printer from the spooler instead of printing again from the application program. ONSUMABLES AND MAINTENANCE This section deals with the replacement of the toner cartridge and image drum and general maintenance. Check for paper jam in duplex unit. HEN TO REPLACE THE TONER CARTRIDGE When the toner is running low, TONER LOW is displayed in the operator panel LCD. Куртка используется как утепляющий слой одежды, а так же как верхняя куртка в прохладную погоду. The ENERGY STAR Program aims at the promotion of the development and wider usage of office equipment including energy-efficient computers in order to address environmental issues such as global warming. For illustration purposes the model is shown. CAUTION! The green image drum surface at the base of the ID unit is very delicate and light sensitive. Цвет: черный с зелеными вставками.e-Kawasaki.ruДанные Яндекс.МаркетаКуртка женская Crazy Idea Woodstock tp Print-WatercolorCrazy Idea Woodstock - универсальная куртка из ткани софтшелл идеально подходит для путешествий и активного отдыха. Plug the power cable into the electric socket. Advanced tab My Printer Properties You can specify which times of day your printer will be available. NOTE The above features are provided by the Windows XP operating system and will vary with other operating systems. See your software documentation for more information. Carefully lift out the image drum, complete with the toner cartridge. HEAD CAUTION! Do not use methyl alcohol or other solvents on the LED head as damage to the lens surface will occur. EMULATION The tabs available are the Setup Tab, the Job Options Tab and the Image Tab. ENERGY STAR ROGRAM Toshiba Tec Corporation, as a member of the ENERGY STAR Program, attaches the ENERGY STAR logo to all products which meet the ENERGY STAR Program requirements. ENU FUNCTIONS The Printer Menu allows you to view and change the printer’s internal settings. RINTER DRIVERS This chapter describes how to install a printer driver on two types of operating system – Windows and Macintosh. Wipe the unit surface with a soft cloth moistened sparingly with water or neutral detergent. Choose ProjectsSend Project Files to Printer to download the project to the printer. AINTENANCE MENU This menu provides access to various printer maintenance functions. NDEX Numerics Spooling Windows settings. CAUTION! A caution provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in equipment malfunction or damage. You can print using Auto Duplex or Manual Duplex function. Remove any jammed sheets from the paper path. Navigate to the folder where the.PRN files are stored and select one or more of these to include in your overlay set. Put the assembly down gently onto a piece of paper to prevent toner from marking your furniture and to avoid damaging the green drum surface. Be careful not to touch or scratch the green drum surface. WITCHING OFF Press the power switch OFF. NERGY SAVING SETTINGS OWER SAVING MODE If you do not use the machine for a while, it will enter the power saving mode to control the power consumption of the device.

This button prints a test page to ensure that your printer is working. Your new overlays are now ready and available to be used for any future documents you wish. Сдвоенные карманы позволяют установить комфортную мягкую защиту серии Pro-Armor приобретается отдельно. Press either UP arrow or DOWN arrow button until the required paper size is displayed, then press the OK button. Remove the jammed paper from the exit when the exit roller begins rotating after a few seconds after switching on. RINTER SETTINGS IN INDOWS NOTE The illustrations in this guide relate to Windows XP PCL and PS emulations – other operating system windows may appear slightly different but the principles are the same. APER RECOMMENDATIONS For guidance on the media you can use with your printer, which input tray and which ejection method to use, see the section entitled “Paper and tray information” in the “Specifications” chapter. If you would like to print on special stationery, such as forms and letterhead, but do not want to use pre-printed stationery, you can create your own using Overlays. The important components are identified in the representations below. MAC OS X NOTE Applies to the PS driver only. This ensures that the oldest paper is used first to help prevent paper jams. Install paper print side down in tray. The message window should disappear from your screen and the document finishes printing the remaining pages of your document. Чехол для iPhone 5 глянцевый, с полной запечаткой Printio Triangle. Please refer to the readme file on this DVD for the latest information on printer driver installation. PERATION This chapter provides a broad outline of how to operate your printer from either a Windows or a Macintosh environment. INDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS With Windows running, insert the printer driver DVD into your DVD-ROM drive.

Toshiba B-EX4T2 industrial label printer

. Модель изготовлена из плотного нейлона с волоками, отмеченными высоким коэффициентом поглощения цвета, что позволяет получать особенно интенсивные оттенки. NTERFACES Your printer is equipped with a selection of data interfaces: Parallel – For direct connection to a PC. You can set other document options as required, including PostScript options and printer features. ITEM DEFAULT FONT SOURCE RESIDENT FONT NO. Open the Multi Purpose Tray. LEANING CAUTION! Use a clean, moist, lint-free cloth for cleaning. The consequences of the use of this product in restricted working environments may be an electromagnetic interference with other devices or machines in the nearby surrounding area. NOTE When there is an error, and there are print jobs in queue, pressing the Cancel button deletes the first job in the queue. It also enables booklet printing, which uses even less paper. Clean the LED array whenever a new toner cartridge is installed or if there are faded vertical areas or light printing down a page. This is useful for marking documents as draft, confidential, etc. > Installation Safety booklet: provides information for safe use of your product. RINTER COMPONENTS Apart from the Operator panels, which are described in the next chapter, the printers look similar from the outside. MaiTech ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 V1.5 Car Diagnostic Interface Tool with Switch - White + Light Grey. Close the top cover and press down to latch it closed. Use the chart below and the notes/symbols/terms on the following page for initial guidance. You can make a variety of font settings depending on your application. VERLAYS AND ACROS INDOWS ONLY HAT ARE OVERLAYS AND MACROS If you would like to print on special stationery, such as forms and letterhead, but do not want to use pre-printed stationery, you can create your own using these advanced features. This is a paper document that is packaged with the product. this option if you want to maximise printer efficiency. EMULATION The tabs available are the Layout Tab, the Paper/Quality Tab and the Job Options Tab. Paper/Quality tab You can set the paper source or leave it as automatic selection and by using the Advanced button you have access to the same set of options as described above for the Layout Tab. Close the roller assembly cover. NOTE Although media properties can be set in the printer driver for particular jobs, when filling a tray with media it is recommended that you manually set the. Then, Click the Print button. Current page for the page at which you are looking. SYMPTOM PROBLEM SOLUTION Printing is garbled. Remember that this name is case sensitive. Магазин тактической одежды и обувиУниФорма. When this option is disabled the spooler chooses documents based only on their priority settings. Incorrect driver is Install an appropriate driver. The printer drivers are all contained on the printer driver DVD. Её мягкий, быстросохнущий синтетический утеплитель будет согревать малышей даже при намокании. водонепроницаемая мембрана Мембранный материал для защиты от промокания и комфортного микроклимата. If you wish to edit the names or ID numbers, double-click the file entry and edit the details. Remove any jammed paper from the face down stacker. Too much heat will cause lightweight paper to crease or curl and corrugations in transparencies. Make sure you have selected the right driver for use with your printer. SYMPTOM PROBLEM SOLUTION Pages curl Printing on wrong side Turn paper over in tray. Press either UP arrow or DOWN arrow button repeatedly until EDIT SIZE is displayed, then press OK button. Стильная мотокуртка, изготовленная из прочного текстиля. There is no need to switch off the printer to clean the lens. PS emulation The main tabs are the General Tab, Advanced Tab and Device Settings Tab. SIDED PRINTING The duplex unit adds the function of two-sided printing, using less paper and making large documents easier to handle. Ручка-роллер Parker Urban Core T309 Vibrant Blue CT черный F 1931585. Too little heat will cause the image not to fuse fully into heavyweight paper. Wipe the feed roller on the paper tray. The settings are grouped into categories or “menus” such as Information Menu or Print Menu. Choose which pages you wish to print: All pages, for the entire manual. Press the power switch ON. Gaining access through the gap left by paper tray, wipe the feed rollers with a clean, lint-free cloth moistened with water. Paper jams may occur if this operation is not carried out correctly. Lower the Paper Guard back into position. Use the Storage Device Manager utility software supplied on DVD with your printer to create a “project file,”. Press to exit the MENU mode and go ONLINE, when in the MENU mode. Ensure your machine is selected. Selecting a setting determines the degree of detail with which a graphics image will be printed. ROUBLESHOOTING TATUS AND ERROR MESSAGES Your printer has been designed to give you helpful status feedback not only during normal operation but also if a printing problem occurs so that you can take appropriate corrective action. Image tab Dithering produces an intermediate grayscale by adjusting the combination of dots used in printing. Device settings tab You can set the desired paper sizes in each of the available paper feed trays. When this is complete, a message appears on screen prompting you to take the paper, flip it and replace it in the Paper Tray. After successful removal of any damaged or misfed paper, the printer should continue printing. Remove any crumpled or folded paper. It is important to adjust the paper guides correctly to ensure that the paper is not skewed in the print process. Change the image drum when the print becomes faint or begins to deteriorate. Clean the top of the ID unit with a clean, lint free cloth. e-STUDIO383P (DP-3830PMJD. Close the top cover and press it down to latch it closed. Some of these settings are similar to those found in your printer driver or application software. ITEM DEFAULT CHARACTER PITCH.

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. Job options tab The output resolution of the printed page can be set as follows. Any consequences resulting from the use of this product in restricted working environments are not the responsibility of TOSHIBA TEC. e-STUDIO383P (DP-3830PMJD. SYMPTOM PROBLEM SOLUTION Blank sheets printed. The LCD on the printer operator panel provides the self-explanatory status and error messages in your chosen language. If you require further information, click the Duplex Help button. Press the Menu UP arrow or DOWN arrow button until PRINT MENU is displayed, then press OK button. You can substitute another font for TrueType Font. APER AND ENVELOPE TYPES The manufacturer of this printer recommends the following guidelines when selecting paper and envelopes for use in your printer: >. PERATOR PANELS This chapter describes the function of the operator panel on your printer. ETTING STARTED WITCHING ON Plug the power cable into the power socket of your machine. Note that the names are case sensitive. Choose ProjectsNew Project. The new overlays will now appear in the Defined Overlays list in the printer properties window. Do not use benzine, thinners or alcohol as a cleaning agent


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