Bizhub 185

Bizhub 185
Bizhub 185

ч/б) 16 стр/мин Интерфейс подключения USB 2..,0 Макс...Принтер да Сканер да Копир да Факс нет Тип печати монохромная лазерная Формат A3 Двусторонняя печать нет Автоподатчик нет Емкость лотка подачи бумаги 250 листов Скорость печати (А4

цена 15000.00

How to close the Keypad After entering, tap [Close] to close the Keypad. Contact your service representative if the messages continue to appear even after replacement or cleaning has been carried out. Configuring each function Configure the required settings for each advanced function. Re- cycling of this product will help to conserve natural resources and prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health caused by inappropriate waste handling. When the screen shown below appears, tap [Function/License Code]. % For [Sort Character], enter the same name as [Name]. Press this key to reset all settings, excluding the registered ones, that you entered using the Control Panel. Change the settings to save documents in the USB memory device. Opening original data % Open the data you want to print using the application software. Adjust the background density when the print on the back side may be reproduced on the front side of the copy or when the original background is colored. To display [User Box], the Hard Disk must be installed in this machine. If [Favorite] is selected as an index, the destination appears in the basic screen of the transmission screen after it has been registered in the address book; enabling the user to easily select a destination. Getting help on the currently displayed screen: Select [Function] on the Help Menu to display the guidance screen. Press n on the Main Power Switch. This [Quick Guide] uses illustrations to describe operating procedures for the most commonly used functions in an easy-to-understand way. Precautions on using the Touch Panel. % Prepare at hand the printed serial number, request code, and token certificate supplied with i-Op- tion. The Hard Disk is optional in some areas. Tips By the factory default status, this message is displayed only in some area. This procedure is available when this machine cannot be connected to the Internet. Connect the USB memory device stored with the license code. When loading envelopes with flaps opened, also select the standard size that matches them. Printing data Open the data you want to print using the application software. % Insert label sheets into the tray until their edges are pressed against the back. Settings Enter the name to be displayed as a sender. You do not have to measure the size of the envelope with the flap opened to set the size as a custom-sized enve- lope. In case the machine cannot be powered on even after checking, contact your service representative.

To display the key, tap [Utility], and select [Administrator Settings] - [System Set- tings] - [Custom Display Settings] - [Main Menu Default Settings] - [Main Menu Key]. The Us- er's Guide uses JavaScript for the page display and search func- tions. Select the Bonjour name of this machine. Select the type of the file to save scanned data. Drag & Drop Slide your finger to the intended place and release it while a docu- ment is selected. [PSWC Setting] Select whether to use Web Connection. Change the paper type setting. Configure the required settings to suit your environ- ment. LINE Check that a LAN cable is connected to the LAN port of this machine and the green LED is on. Картридж Cactus CS-CH564 №122XL Mylticolor для HP DJ 1050/2050/2050s. The settings by the service representative are required to display a message about Drum Unit. From the [File] menu, select [Print]. Check the user name, and write it down in the User ID column of the checklist. Retrieving a destination Tap [Scan/Fax]. Errors or damage have been discovered, Maintenance intervals have been exceeded, Mechanical or electrical functions do not work as they should. Follow the instructions to avoid property damage. Stop Press this key to temporarily stop an active copy, scan, or print job. Scan-to-Send function Tap [Close]. Check whether the power plug of this machine is firmly plugged into the power outlet. Press o on the Main Power Switch. This machine provides the forgery prevention function in order to prevent financial instruments from being re- produced illegally. After typing completes, tap [OK]. The license code input could be omitted by using a USB memory device to achieve a convenient operation. Tap [Utility], and select [Administrator Settings] - [Network Settings] - [Bon- jour Setting] - [ON]. % Select [Paper] - [#] - [Change Tray Setting] - [Paper Type] - [Index Paper]. Tap [Utility], and select [Admin- istrator Settings] - [Network Settings] - [TCP/IP Settings]. Enter the required information such as the name, fax number, and index. When using the machine, do not look at the light of the lamp for a pro- longed time. For de- tails, contact your service representative. BOUND BY ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Offering clear images by sending data directly from a computer Tips The Hard Disk is optional in some areas. % The URL is • Check that JavaScript in your Web browser is enabled. Enter the user ID required to log in with WebDAV. % You can also check the setting using the keys displayed on the Touch Panel. Proceed with the procedure according to the on-screen instructions.

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. Check the IP address and user name, and write it down in the Host Address and User ID columns of the checklist. Registering destinations % Register destinations to which files are sent while checking the checklist. [Utility] Tap this button to configure settings of this machine or view the use status of this machine. If user authentication is enabled in this machine, specify the required data such as the user name and password. Select the type of the destination you want to register. Do not use a USB device other than a flash-memory device. In case the Touch Panel does not appear even after checking it, contact your service representative. Novell and Novell NetWare are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. Contact your service representative before deleting data. Check the setting if necessary. % When loading paper other than plain paper, change the paper type setting. Connect a USB memory device to this machine. % Select [Paper] - [#] - [Change Tray Setting] - [Paper Type] - [Transparency]. Scan-to-Send function Enter the SMTP server address. % Search by registration number: Searches for the target destination using a registration number. We appreciate your understanding that printed images may infrequently have some noise or image data may not be stored under certain circumstances due to this forgery prevention function. % To change the setting, tap the desired key on the Touch Panel. Display the serial number of this machine. If no IP address is displayed, you need to configure the network. While checking the checklist, enter the user ID and password you wrote down. [Consumables Replace/ Pro- Tap this button to check the consumables replacement or punch scrap- cessing Procedure] ping procedure. Basic Settings and Operations. "Caution HOT" caution label. % Tap [Check Setting] to check the setting.

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. To enable the machine to return to the normal mode from the Sub Power OFF or ErP Auto Power OFF mode, press the Power key again. Checking the cable connection Check that a modular cable is connected to the LINE port of this machine. NO AMENDMENT TO THIS AGREEMENT IS EFFECTIVE UNLESS IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY DULY AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES OF EACH PARTY. Select a destination type. [Finishing] Configure the offset, punch, or staple setting for output paper. % For details, refer to the User's Guide CD/DVD. Reference For details, refer to the User's Guide CD/DVD. To continue operations, select any key. Select the paper type and paper size. When you hear "beep boop beep", set [Dialing Method] to [PB]. % To send data to more than one destination, repeat this step. [File Path] Enter the directory to be used as the destination. Checking the cable connection Check that a LAN cable is connected to the LAN port of this ma- chine and the green LED is on. % Tap [Display Keypad] to display the Keypad, and enter the fax number. Lateral Guide to the pa- per. Tips This symbol indicates supplemental information of a topic as well as options required to use a function. Loading the original Entering a destination % Enter the destination E-mail address, and check the settings such as the file type and image quality. % Specify the name and fax number to be displayed as a sender when sending a fax from this ma- chine. To use this function, the Hard Disk and Fax Kit must be in- stalled in this machine. Saving data in the USB memory device Load the original. Enter the fax number to be displayed as a sender. Use this Keypad to enter numeric values such as the number of copies, zoom ratio, and fax number. CISPR rules and local rules. When a prompt message appears to ask you to enter the name and password, type in the name and password of the user with administrator privileges. Checking the cable connection Check that a modular cable is connected to the LINE port of this ma- chine. If data or faxes are received when the machine is in the Sub Power OFF mode, they are printed when the machine returns to the normal mode. Using the Control Panel to register an address book - Registration in scan/fax mode Select a destination type, and register destination information. Function Minimum number of jobs Maximum number of jobs Copy Print Fax memory TX + Scan Fax RX Sharing These values may vary depending on conditions. If a defective part can be separated in order to be able to continue operations after a problem has been de- tected, [Continue] or [Recover Data] is displayed. Scan-to-Send function Sending the original Load the original. [Color] Select whether to scan the original in color or black and white mode. Confirm the registration contents, then click [Generate License Code]. Proceed with the procedure according to the on-screen instructions until the installation screen ap- pears. Load paper into the left tray. • Sender settings • Sender Fax No. Tap [Save a document to External Memory.]. % Press the Start key to send the original. Tap this button to delete a job. % Load paper into the tray with the print side facing up. will not be held liable for any incidents caused by using this printing system or Us- er's Guide. There is no possibility of danger from the laser provided the machine is operated according to the instructions in the manuals. Applying a strong force to the Touch Panel will damage the Touch Panel, and potentially cause a breakage. Used to scroll the destination/job list or to feed a page in the Main menu screen/Preview screen. Take action while referring to the label inside the machine. If a job is current- ly spooled, this indicator lamp lights up blue. To change the setting, tap [Index]. If the unit is moved while held at loca- tions other than those specified, it may fall, causing severe personal in- jury. If you swallow toner, rinse out your mouth and drink a few glasses of water. Failure to follow these in- structions could result in a burn. This operation requires administrator privileges for your computer. [File Type] Select the type of the file to save scanned data. Fax function Sending the original Load the original. NOTICE Do not disconnect the USB memory device during data saving. The table below shows the maximum number of jobs that can be registered for each function. When operating in the Touch Panel, do not press on it using excessive force or with a pointed object such as a mechanical pencil. Tap [Utility], and select [Administrator Settings] - [System Settings] - [User Box Settings]. % Tap the [Shift] key again to return to the original keyboard screen. Tapping [Print] prints the serial number and request code. Check the host address and user ID. Seek medical advice if irritation persists. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Settings Description [Simplex/Duplex] Select whether to scan one or both sides of the original.


. Tap [Start Guid- ance], then follow the displayed guidance to take an action. Select this machine from the list. Bizhub 185


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